About FiberLAN

Your preferred partner for fibre, data, networks and electrical installations.

Culture, cables and cool colleagues

A good culture is just as important as a good cable and a solid connection.
At FiberLAN, we cultivate all three.

Four-day working week

There is so much more to do in life than just work.
Here at FiberLAN, most of the staff work a four-day week because we believe there should be time and space for more in life than work.

The people of the future

Every year, a host of new apprentices learn their craft at FiberLAN.
That’s how it’s been since 2004, and that’s how it will continue to be.

Freedom with responsibility

Everything’s always under control.
When you commission FiberLAN for an assignment or project, there’s never any doubt about who, what, when, where and why.
Our people aren’t just pleasant to work with, they’re responsible as well.
An agreement is always an agreement.

The word on the street

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Tobias Krokeide Kleiner
Stig Lennart Nielsen
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Mads Rytter

Good connections are all about being well connected.

Here at FiberLAN, we lay cables, install and systematise equipment and then power it all up.
We strive to be your preferred partner for all projects in the fields of fibre, data, networks and electrical installations.
This has been our ambition since 2004.

We never run out of good advice.

It’s not always easy to know what you need.
Sometimes it’s straightforward.
Other times it’s highly complex.
Many projects resemble each other to an extent.
Nevertheless, few are exactly the same.
That is why we’re comfortable with acting as consultants on projects of all sizes.
For customers of all sizes.

FiberLAN samarbejde med Sydbank

The good solution

We believe that the best solution isn’t always the most expensive one – although it probably isn’t the cheapest one either – as long as it’s the right one.
We deliver to energy utilities, finance and insurance companies, main contractors, commercial companies and local authorities as a trusted partner.

Tekniker arbejder med kabler
FiberLAN medarbejder arbejder med kabler

FiberLAN and the complete package

All our solutions are supplied with consultancy as a part of the package.
We can even take on the role of consultant without being commissioned to lay the cables.
Or we can deliver a complete solution, where fibre, data, networks and electrical installation are part of the overall package.
When you choose FiberLAN, you can always choose a single, complete solution.

FiberLAN 100 % el-varevogn

From attitude to action

All the UN Sustainable Development Goals are relevant to us, but we have to start somewhere.
FiberLAN is a part of the SEF Group.
That’s why we apply the same sustainable mindset to our work as the rest of the SEF organisation.
We’re committed to four of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

#4 Quality education

#7 Affordable and clean energy

#9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure

#11 Sustainable cities and communities

All our work with the SDGs is run through SEF Know How.
The working group has been set up to take a structural approach to sharing knowledge and strengthening the work with sustainability internally in the SEF Group.

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