Nærvarme Danmark

Electrical installations


Nærvarme Danmark was founded to contribute to the green transition by supplying heat pumps on subscription in all parts of Denmark.
They currently have 2,500 heat pumps installed all over the country, with full service subscriptions that allow customers to have their heat pumps serviced whenever anything happens, and to have them repaired or replaced if they break down.
Always straightforward.
Always top class.

Nærvarme Danmark needed a technical partner with the capacity to help them contribute to the green transition.
A partner they knew they could trust, and who would always carry out precisely the job needed.
In particular, a partner who could step in to help in high pressure situations and/or if multiple jobs arrived at once.
This all pointed clearly to FiberLAN.
Fortunately for Nærvarme Danmark.

To start with, we were “simply” the electrical fitters on Nærvarme Danmark’s assignments for their customers, but we have gradually grown to become their main contractor.
This means, for instance, that we handle contact between the customer and the plumber commissioned for the job, and coordinate the entire installation project on behalf of Nærvarme Danmark.
We’re not afraid to take responsibility when it ensures progress.

The strong working relationship is built on three pillars in particular:

  • Good contacts that Nærvarme Danmark can always reach.
  • The work is performed to a high level of quality and always on time, which is crucial not only to Nærvarme Danmark, but also and especially to their private customers if they find themselves without water and/or heating.
  • With branches in several locations we cover the whole of Denmark – and this is something Nærvarme Danmark really appreciates.

Working together, Nærvarme Danmark and FiberLAN are contributing to the green transition by installing high-quality heat pumps quickly and efficiently all over Denmark. On time. By the book. To everyone’s satisfaction and benefit.

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