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We’ve been working with fibre for more than 19 years.
As a result, we’re well placed to help you with everything from choosing cables to coordinating your entire project. And we make sure to put your cables in the ground – so that you can get on with your work.

Project management
Fibre blowing
Preparation of cables
Excavation coordination
Testing and documentation


It can be difficult to tell one end from the other in major fibre projects.
We familiarise ourselves with your situation, study any tender material and translate technical terms into layman’s language – so there’s no need for you to lose any sleep over it.

Laying cables
Excavation work
Testing and documentation


You have a problem with your fibre connection.
We fix it.
There’s no reason for you to think any more about it.
You call, we come.
Choose FiberLAN when you need to have your connection fixed.

Find and rectify faults
Testing / OTDR / damping test

FiberLAN and the complete package

All our solutions are supplied with consultancy as a part of the package.
We can even take on the role of consultant without being commissioned to lay the cables.
Or we can deliver a complete solution, where fibre, data, networks and electrical installation are part of the overall package.
When you choose FiberLAN, you can always choose a complete solution.

Technical finesse never becomes dull talk

It’s not always easy to know what you need.
Sometimes it’s straightforward.
Other times it’s highly complex.
Many projects resemble each other to an extent.
Nevertheless, few are exactly the same.
Since 2004, we’ve been helping companies to choose, prepare and lay cables, to make sure that the connection is solid from the start.

We work in the crossfield between cable selection and the final “ready” signal – and pretty much everything in between – when it’s a question of establishing a good, solid base for your company’s network.
We believe that the best solution isn’t always the most expensive one – although it probably isn’t the cheapest one either – as long as it’s the right one.

Always reachable

Imagine the following unfortunate scenario: you get a phone call in the middle of the night.
The connection is down.
What do you do?
Well, you can always call us.
Because we run a 24/7 hotline, staffed by actual people from FiberLAN who are always ready to help you solve your problem.
This is your guarantee for maximum uptime.

FiberLAN medarbejder på kundebesøg

From fibre blowing to testing

Here at FiberLAN, we can be at your side through every phase of your project: from project planning, excavation and fibre blowing, to the final connections indoors and out.
We make sure that your cable connection is ready to use before we go home.
This includes – naturally – testing our work so that you can confidently get on with yours.
Testing is always standard for us.

FiberLAN varevogn

Downtime is a real downer

It doesn’t matter whether it lasts for five minutes of five hours – even though the latter will probably have a bigger impact on your business.
Downtime has to be minimised.
The best way to ensure this is to choose the right partner before getting started on your fibre project.
And FiberLAN is a solid choice.

Medarbejdere aflæser fiber

Your connection is important to your business

It does have an impact on your business if the connection is patchy – or if it disappears completely.
Problems can come in all shapes and sizes.
But we are all dependent on a solid, stable connection.
Because there is no way to work if your connection cuts out.
It’s essential to have everything under control – including your connection.
This is simply crucial to your business.

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Good connections are all about being well connected.

Here at FiberLAN, we lay cables, install and systematise equipment and then power it all up.
We strive to be your preferred partner for all projects in the fields of fibre, data, networks and electrical installations.

We deliver to energy utilities, finance and insurance companies, main contractors, commercial companies and local authorities as a trusted partner.
Good connections are all about confidence – and being well connected.

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We may well be your perfect match.