Electrical installations

Powering up your project.

Authorised electrical fitters with more than 19 years of experience

When you need to power up your project, you can choose to do it yourself – or you can give us a call.
For more than 19 years, we have been helping private companies and municipal authorities to power up their projects.
We handle everything from installation (or replacement) of LED lighting to troubleshooting – and everything in between.

Do you have a comprehensive project in mind?
No problem.
Or maybe a smaller project?
No problem either.
Choose FiberLAN when you need to power up your next project. No matter whether it involves contracting, electrical installations in a renovation, or a project centred on energy optimisation and sustainability – we’ve seen it before.

We can help you with

Contracts and tenders

Here at FiberLAN, we make sure to power up your project.
This applies to both contracts and tenders – and everything in between.
We can handle everything from project planning to installing light fittings.
And we only leave when everything is done and dusted.
If it isn’t, we come back and finish the job.

Electrical installations in renovations

It’s important to take care of your stuff.
In renovations of large (or small) buildings, we can help with everything from laying cables to replacing the entire installation.
We familiarise ourselves with your project, build up an understanding of the situation and provide advice for how to move forward safely. And we will be happy to help you along.

LED lighting

Far too many companies still have far too many old light fittings with outdated light sources.
Not updating them is expensive. Really expensive.
We calculate what it will cost to replace the fittings, how much you will save and how much (or little) time it will take you to earn back your initial outlay.

Solar panels

A better bottom line – and better for the environment.
Sign me up!
When you install solar panels on the roof, you deal yourself a better hand.
Here at FiberLAN, we advise and guide companies in selecting and installing the best solution.

Energy monitoring and optimisation

Are you using too much energy?
Or don’t you know exactly how much you’re using?
We can help you map your energy consumption and advise you as to your opportunities to do things better.
Get started today, and save energy as from … next month.

Heat pump installation

There’s a whole lot of money to save here.
But making the wrong choice can be expensive.
So have a chat with us before choosing a solution.
We’ve seen and tried pretty much everything in the field of heat pumps.
So it’s odds-on that we can help you, too.

Charging points for private homes, companies and housing associations

Electrical vehicles need charging.
But what’s the best way to go about it?
Choose FiberLAN.
We are an independent company, which means we’re not in bed with any of the operators on the market.
We’ll help you choose the best solution for your particular needs – because anything else would be laughable.

Project planning

Good assignments demand firm control of the project.
Here at FiberLAN, we follow a streamlined and structured approach.
We have worked on the project planning of a host of projects over the years.
So we’re well qualified to handle yours.

FiberLAN and the complete package

All our solutions are supplied with consultancy as a part of the package.
We can even take on the role of consultant without being commissioned to lay the cables.
Or we can deliver a complete solution, where fibre, data, networks and electrical installation are part of the overall package.
When you choose FiberLAN, you always have access to a complete solution.

Technical finesse never becomes dull talk

It’s not always easy to know what you need.
Sometimes it’s straightforward.
Other times it’s highly complex.
Many projects resemble each other to an extent.
Nevertheless, few are exactly the same.
We’ve powered up a whole stack of different projects since 2004.

We work in the crossfield between project planning and installing the final light fittings – covering almost everything in between.
We believe that the best solution isn’t always the most expensive one – although it probably isn’t the cheapest one either – as long as it’s the best one.

Always reachable

Imagine the following unfortunate scenario: you get a phone call in the middle of the night.
The power’s out.
What do you do?
Well, you can always call us.
Because we run a 24/7 hotline, staffed by actual people from FiberLAN who are always ready to help you solve your problem.
We have no problem with being your hotline.

FiberLAN medarbejder på farten
Installation af Fiber hos Sydbank

Tried, tested and documented

No test, no delivery.
That’s how we do things at FiberLAN.
We think it’s better to test one time too many than one time too few – and we’re sure you agree.
We make sure that your installations are safe, secure and ready to use before we go home.
If they aren’t, we come back and finish the job.

Power outages? No thanks

It’s annoying when the power cuts out.
Or when your electrical installations break down.
It doesn’t matter whether it lasts for five minutes of five hours.
What does matter is minimising the disruption.
The best way to do this is to choose the right partner.
And FiberLAN is a solid choice.

FiberLAN elektriker

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Good connections are all about being well connected.

Here at FiberLAN, we lay cables, install and systematise equipment and then power it all up.
We strive to be your preferred partner for all projects in the fields of fibre, data, networks and electrical installations.

We deliver to energy utilities, finance and insurance companies, main contractors, commercial companies and local authorities as a trusted partner.
Good connections are all about confidence – and being well connected.

Start off by getting to know us a little better.
We may well be your perfect match.