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Bankdata is one of the biggest IT companies in Denmark. They build up everything that has to do with banks. From the banking app on your smartphone to Denmark’s financial infrastructure. The company is owned by eight banks, with Sydbank and Jyske Bank as the largest shareholders.

A company like Bankdata needs all kinds of electrical installations, fibre solutions and networks. On occasion, there are multiple tasks every week, tasks that always vary greatly in size and complexity. This is where FiberLAN comes in. Since 2004 we’ve been helping Bankdata with large and small jobs in the fields of electrical installations, fibre and networks – sometimes including time-sensitive tasks that didn’t quite align with standard working hours.

It’s essential that everything works. Simple as that. This is something Søren Blicher Madsen, Team Lead at Bankdata, emphasises in particular. The working relationship we have with Bankdata features a range of benefits. Søren highlights these repeatedly in the video: skill, independence and professionalism.

“We have an excellent working relationship. The technicians that come here are independent in the true sense of the word. Once we have agreed something, we don’t have to keep checking up on them, they simply do it. If there are other craftsmen working in the building, they make sure to coordinate everything,” emphasises Søren.

We at FiberLAN have been a Bankdata partner for many years now.
We know their solutions down to the tiniest detail – given that we delivered and installed most of them ourselves – which makes it easier for the customer, Bankdata, to pick up the phone if any issues do arise.

There are three distinguishing features of the working relationship between Bankdata and FiberLAN:

  • It all works smoothly; from initial order to finished task
  • Bankdata always has access to help – even at inconvenient times
  • All tasks are dealt with at 5-star level

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