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Sydbank is one of the biggest and most prominent banks in Denmark. Due to the size of both the organisation and its area of activity, the bank has an almost continuous need for all kinds of technical solutions in the fields of, for example, setting up workstations and establishing data and network structures.
That is why since 2004 Sydbank has been calling on FiberLAN, which is a specialist in handling these kinds of requirements all over the country.

At a large workplace such as Sydbank, we handle a wide range of tasks.
One of these is the installation of workstations. The bank often needs to set up new ones, and to relocate or even shut down existing ones.
Another important area is that of meeting facilities, where Sydbank works with a number of different set-ups.
Here, we bring our expertise and experience to bear in identifying the right solutions, and we also support Sydbank in the choice of both appearance and functionality in order to obtain the best possible result.

The working relationship we have with Sydbank features a range of benefits.
One of them is the high level of professionalism, good service and agreeable tone – irrespective of whether we allocate “old hand” technicians or apprentices to the job.

“FiberLAN’s staff always recognise and understand that they are operating in a place where people are working.
This is something a technician or fitter needs to be able to navigate, but it is an area where some suppliers are less adept than others,” emphasises Mette Bonde, Interior Design Architect at Sydbank.

In addition, Sydbank highlights three key advantages in the working relationship with FiberLAN:

  • Solid confidence in FiberLAN’s skills and professionalism means that Sydbank never has to run quality assurance on FiberLAN’s solutions.
    Everything is as it should be.
  • FiberLAN always makes sure to provide all necessary documentation on all assignments completed.
    This also makes it simple for Sydbank to pull up the relevant drawings if they are to deal with a problem themselves; otherwise, help is only a phone call away.
  • FiberLAN is fully familiar with all the buildings and installations and can provide assistance for any issue that may arise.
    No matter which branch it affects, or in which part of the country.
    This combines to create a close everyday working relationship between Sydbank and FiberLAN.

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